Local Stores

Event: Arcade UFO’s Fighting Game Tournament

Put on your knee-socks and head band. It's time for an 80's-style arcade showdown. This Saturday (September 26th), Arcade UFO… Read More

Shop Often and Be Rewarded at Asahi Imports

I forgot to mention in my post on Asahi Imports that they have a frequent shopper program that pays you… Read More

Getting My Geek On at Wonko’s

What is it that makes grown men and women indulge in buying toys, such as action figures? It's really easy… Read More

Austin Books: Manga Galore and More

If you think about it, otaku in Austin are quite lucky by comparison. We could be living in a city… Read More

Get Your Anime and Manga Fix at Dragon’s Lair

In Austin, you have to expect that each store you want to visit as an otaku (or anyone for that… Read More

Fill Up on Bubble Tea and Kawaii at Momoko

With more than 60 days per year over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a poorly designed road system, terrible drivers, panhandlers on… Read More

Asahi Imports: Austin’s Own Konbini

Nestled between the Dragon's Lair Comic Book Store and Turquoise Trading Post in a low-key strip mall along Burnet Road… Read More