South-by-Far East – SXSW 2012 Japan Nite Lineup

Angel Beats - Girl's Dead Monster

One of my favorite times of the year is coming up – Japan Nite at South-by-Southwest, when we can all come together and jam to some up-and-comers from throughout Japan. As usual, Elysium at 705 Red River will be hosting the event. Get there by 6:30 on Friday, March 16th to enjoy the show. In previous years, we’ve been blessed to see bands like The Pillows and Chatmonchy without having to fight through a crowd of thousands of crazy fans. Perhaps one of the bands this year will be the next big hit.

So, let’s take a look at the lineup for Japan Nite 2012:

The Rubies

From: Yokohama, Japan
On Stage at 7pm

Band Members:

  • Kazuya
  • Osuke
  • Daisuke – Drummer
  • “Taro” – Tamborine


From: Tokyo, Japan
On Stage at 8pm

Band Members:

  • Guitar/Vocals:  Yumi Uchizono
  • Bass: Miki Uchizono
  • Drums: Kei Sofue


From: Japan
On Stage at 9pm

Band Members:

  • Vocals/Sword Dance: Kaori Kawabuchi
  • Tsugaru Shamisen: Jack
  • Vocals/Guitar: Shuji Yamagiri


From: Kyoto, Japan
On Stage at 10pm

Band Members:

  • Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards: Yusuke Kume
  • Guitar: Yu Sugano
  • Drums: Atsuya Kose
  • Bass: Kotaro Matsumoto

Saito Johnny

From: Tokyo, Japan
On Stage at 11pm

Band Members:

  • Vocals: Saito Johnny
  • Mandolin: Taro
  • Bass: Iwami Keigo!
  • Fiddle: Techno Matsumoto


From: Hyogo, Japan
On Stage at 12am

Band Members:

  • Vocals/Guitar: Youkaku
  • Vocals/Bass: Yukary
  • Drums: Lyn


From: Osaka, Japan
On Stage at 1am

Band Members:

    • Vocals: Toyohito Yoshida
    • Drums: Tatsuya Yoshida

(I think. Their SXSW details page contained a description as … umm… avant-garde as their music.)

So, who’s joining me there? From what I’ve seen on Youtube, I’m most excited to see Kao=s and Saito Johnny. But don’t worry. I’ll take pictures and (hopefully) video of them all. Stay tuned for those.

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  • mike March 5, 2012, 3:50 pm

    I will definitely be there as always. My tastes tend to run a bit weird, so I found ZZZ’s and Vampillia to be pretty interesting. Vampillia seems sort of in the vein of the weird Japanese spazz stuff like Melt-Banana and Midori but with a sorta classical vibe, I’m sure it’ll be unique if nothing else!

    Saito Johnny should be a lot of fun and a little something different, and NOKIES! is a lot like the kind of stuff we usually see at Japan Nite but that song was very catchy and fun. Seems like a good one this year.

  • Ronnie March 2, 2013, 10:04 am

    Hi Austin!
    I LOVE your blog! I wish we had events like this where I live. Unfortunately Bozeman, MT doesn’t have much of an Otaku culture going for it. 😛
    I’m trying to find your email or a way to directly contact you about a writing opportunity I’d like to discuss with you, actually. I couldn’t seem to find one – would you mind shooting me an email? It’s just :) Again, great blog!