Photos from Ikkicon VI

Ikkicon VI

I managed to make it out to Ikkicon VI this past weekend for a few hours, mostly at the behest of the ATX Lolitas, who wanted me to take photos of their fashion show. I thought I had a press pass arranged for the event, but unfortunately that fell through. Still, I got some decent shots.

For those of you who don’t know, there are roughly 3 anime conventions in Austin, Texas every year:

  1. Ikkicon – generally on or around New Years every year.
  2. Ushicon – generally takes place in the late Winter or early Spring and is held in Round Rock.
  3. Anime Overload – generally occurs in July or August

Other nearby conventions include Project A-Kon and San Japan.

Now for the photos:

If you want more of a fix for your con addiction, here are some excellent videos from MLS Studios:

We’ll see you at the next con!

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