Surviving an Advanced Sushi Workshop … With All of My Fingers Intact

Rainbow Roll Recipe

On October 25th, Jorge, the sushi chef from Kenichi, came back for a second sushi workshop for the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin. Roughly 20 people showed up, equipped with razor-sharp knives, to learn how to slice up some raw fish. (Well, actually, it’s a little known fact that fish for sushi isn’t raw. It has to be frozen for a minimum of 36 hours before it can be thawed and prepared as sushi or sashimi in order to kill off bacteria.)

The lesson plan for the day was learning how to prepare rice for sushi, properly slicing the fish, making nigiri sushi, and preparing a Rainbow Roll.

Jorge Makes Nigiri Nigiri Sushi
Jorge's Sushi Workstation Rainbow Roll Demonstration 1
Rainbow Roll Demonstration 2 My Rainbow Roll

Here are the recipes from the class:

Sushi Rice Recipe Nigiri Sushi Recipe Rainbow Roll Recipe

While you can use these recipes to prepare your own sushi, you should probably attend one of these sushi workshops in the future to pick up on some of the nuances of making sushi. I’ll keep you posted on any future workshops you can attend.

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  • Mary November 4, 2009, 2:15 pm

    Ahh makes me hungry just lookin at the pictures.
    Pretty cool you had the chance to go to a sushi making class! I’m going to have to find one here in NYC would be great knowing how to make my own sushi :-p