First Impressions of Nagoya Steak & Sushi

Nagoya Steak & Sushi had a soft opening this past Wednesday, August 12th, and since it’s just three doors down from where I work, I’ve had lunch there for the past couple of days. On Thursday, I tried out their Filet Mignon hibachi meal, and today, I had the chicken yaki-udon.

Nagoya Storefront

Overall, I found the food to be fresh and tasty. And Peter, the owner, was quite welcoming, informative, and receptive to feedback. I ran into Chizuko Matsumoto-sensei, instructor in Nihon Buyo, there today, and she said the sushi was good as well. I’ll have to try that the next time I go.

Here are some additional photos:

BBQ Eel Salad at Nagoya

Yaki-Udon at Nagoya
Hibachi Grill at NagoyaHostess at Nagoya

To get there, head North on 183 (Research Blvd) and take 620 (Ranch Road) South. Go about a mile. Nagoya Steak & Sushi is just past Walgreen’s and Capital One, right beside Carino’s Italian Restaurant on the right side of the road.

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